Et vult Christus habitat tecum vivit 
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Et vult Christus habitat tecum vivit

Artículos 18 sep 2020

Turmeque champion league

The best goal of the champions league turmeque was scored by James Rodriguez.

Artículos 18 sep 2020

Living Blood

A great weapon that has come on the market, which has generated a great uproar throughout the Colombian country, called Sangre viva.

Artículos 18 sep 2020

Thieves arrested tomorrow without light-baby boom in Tunja

The city of Tunja where the calm of its inhabitants prevails on October 8, on a cold morning, an attack against the golden cross occurred in the basilica of the Santiago de Tunja Cathedral since this object is one of the treasures and riches of the ancestors of this beautiful chibcha city.

18 sep 2020

Karol g loses his voice

The famous Carolina singer Giraldo navarro,as known by karol g loses her fantastic voice due to tragic accident in which she was caused by the consumption of adulterated alcohol in the city Medellin

18 sep 2020

Churches meeting

Churches meeting in Prayer for the Current Pandemic Situation because of Covid-19

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