Welcome to The Knights

Welcome to The Knights

The crusade has awakened, join us in the magical and mythical world of news. Take our hand, we will take care of you, and let us escort you

6 nov 2020

Dear Saint George’s School Community, here is a message from

María José, Director, and Sebastián, Subdirector of The Knights:

Sebastián Guzmán - Subdirector of The Knights:

When I was elected as Cabildante Estudiantil, there was a project that I wanted to do since the beginning. I knew that it was not going to be easy, but it was a dream that it needed to come true. I love reading and writing, they are both a passion and a way of living: One can find writing as a way to express feelings, share ideas and even shape a better world. And, for me, reading is the most powerful form of beating ignorance; it is simply amazing what can be learnt from a book. In particular, this is what we want to show you in this new space, we can build a better future by reading and writing, we can understand the world and be part of it, and the most important part of this journey, we must learn to respect and be tolerant no matter what others say, think or act. With each little action that we start, we can create a better future!

The first idea started with the help of Juan Esteban Guerra, our Student Advocate, and some of my friends to whom I will always be in debt: Cielis, Cata, Juan Da, Martin and Isa: you believed in me and this project since the very beginning and I will appreciate that without exception. Thank you all so much for the support! Yet, there was one important person that I have always admired and will be in debt for her help, that person is Majo, the Director of this amazing project.

Majo is a woman who I have praised for her passion, self-determination, courage, and the fact that she never gives up on her dreams, but ,most importantly, that since the day I first met her, I have known that she is capable of changing the world. I know you will see all the same things I see in her in this newspaper.

The only thing I have left to say is thank you all for being part of this marvelous adventure! I know the result is going to be fantastic! Now, with you, our leader:


Dear SGS Community, I am María José Jiménez, and I aim to give you a small insight of how receiving this news was for me, amazing I must say...

It arrived to me surprisingly unexpected, indeed, it came to me in the perfect moment. And I do believe in destiny, fate is already there to amaze us, this was meant to be.

There is no thing in life I adore more than writing. Words circulate through my veins, and each time I say what I feel, though it may be in my most precious diary or a simple note, I feel relief. I can now be at peace with myself and encourage my soul to continue seeking that lifetime dream, building up a future where writing rules my days. Nonetheless, being heard by others, being able to express my deepest concerns and joys with many, makes me be grateful for sticking to my passion.

Sebastián and I have been friends since long before this project; I met him when we were little, and from day one, I have admired his passion and the devotion he demonstrates in every task he fulfills. I applaud his commitment to his lifetime dream of changing the world with his awesome ideas and activities he aims to perform one day, encourage me to pursue what I want. Hence, when I received that voice message, my heart could not have been more grateful for the opportunity not only life was giving to me, but the chance Sebas was offering to myself.

I was thrilled with the idea of a new newspaper, I heard of several efforts made years before to make the publication endure, but it did not, sadly. For instance, once he presented the plan to me, I knew this was our chance to show the SGS community that no matter what, dreams can come true. Despite our age, we need to be informed; it is not possible for us to still believe that we live in that magical world where nothing happens outside home and school, there is way more beyond those limits, and news does not need to be disastrous, instead it can give us hope, enlighten our minds and provide us with more perspectives of what the real world out there really is.

We are conquering a dream, together, hand in hand with an amazing team that will definitely make true all of what we are expecting for the future of The Knights. Thanks for giving this responsibility to me, Sebas, Isa, Martin, Juan Da, Cata, Cielito and Juan. Hopefully, I can achieve all of what we desire and with this small step, I feel closer to what I want to be when I get older, sorry about that cliché.

It is a pleasure to present you The Knights: this amazing group of men and women that put all their effort on doing this proposal so that we can all be informed and have a wonderful time!


With you, The Knights:

Catalina Flórez – 10th Grade 

Hello everybody, my name is Catalina Flórez and I am 16 years old. Let me give you a quick overview of how my love for writing has been. It all started when I was just learning to read and write... I was so fascinated with the fact of being able to express myself through written words, that I started writing short stories and other things. As I grew, I kept falling in love with this extraordinary practice, and time led me up to here. I am the Content Director of The Knights, and I invite you to accompany me through this new and marvelous adventure on the search for new experiences and horizons.

Cielo Esperanza Fuquen – 10th Grade

Hello and welcome! I am Cielo Fuquen, a 10th grade student extremely excited for the latest school newspaper and immensely happy for this new project. Along with Cata, we are the official editors of The Knights. My job here consists of editing each and every text, making sure the tenses, grammar, punctuation and cohesion are correctly used, and that we can have an amazing paper for our lovely SGS community to enjoy. I got to participate in this awesome venture as Gummy told me about this proposal and asked me if I wanted to be part of it. My immediate response was yes, knowing what I wanted to do right away, and here we are today! I hope you like this first edition and that we can all have a great time here in The Knights. Welcome to a new, remarkable experience to enjoy!


Isabella Molina – 10th Grade

Hi everybody, my name is Isabella, and I am a 10th grade student. Apart from writing, I really enjoy playing volleyball and singing. When I first heard of The Knights, I immediately fell in love with this idea, as it is a great space for us students, to share our thoughts with our community and of course, learn new things. In this first edition I had the opportunity to participate in “You Matter” and “You Go Girl”, the opinion and women empowerment sections, as well as proudly being one of the heads of the newspaper.  I recommend that you all take a look at the areas that you find interesting and most importantly, be able to enjoy the greatness that reading, and writing bring us all.



Juan Carlos Delgado – 11th Grade

I’m Juan Carlos Delgado, the Knight in charge of the News section. Being part of the school newspaper fill me with joy and pride. I consider assertive communication and news diffusion fundamental for a society, it is our duty to maintain the SGS community informed. I hope you enjoy reading our work, it has been made with love and dedication.


Martín Montañez - 10th Grade

Hello everybody, let me introduce myself, my name is Martín Montañez Arellana and I am 16 years old. It is for me a great pleasure and honour to be part of this amazing team and beautiful project that is the SGS school newspaper, The Knights. I am very excited for the opportunity I have of leading the environmental section, our little planet, as well as of making small contributions towards the construction of a better world, raising awareness and inviting everyone to take action. The team and I will keep working to bring you plenty of positive things, this is just the beginning, and we all honestly hope you enjoy our first edition.


Juan David Calderón – 10th Grade

Greetings SGS Community! My name is Juan David Calderón Luque, I am 16 years old and I am in the 10th grade. In this first edition, I was a writer for the section What’s up SGS? Also, I wrote some entertaining and informative articles. I came to the school newspaper through my friends who encouraged me to join this project. At first the idea did not call me so much, I do not consider myself a skilled writer, but I was very interested in the idea of a newspaper in which any student can express their opinion or report on a topic that interests them. This is a student newspaper for the entire SGS community. Enjoy, and hopefully see you soon!

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